There’s more to bingo sites than the welcome bonus

September 1st, 2015 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

When you sign up to any bingo site online, you know you’ll be in for a generous welcome bonus. That’s because the competition among the sites for new players is so high, so there are always lots of tempting incentives to join one site over another.

Take a look at bgo, Cheeky Bingo or Take a Break Bingo, and you’ll find each has its own promos and welcome bonuses. At there’s now a 400% bonus for anyone signing up with a £10 initial deposit, meaning that your starting account balance will be £50. In the world of online bingo, that’s a lot of playing credit, as many of the games only cost pennies to play.

Added to that there are always further promos to take advantage of on all the sites, and one constant is the games that you can play for free. A new player at bgo gets seven days’ entry into the Beginner’s Luck room if they spend just 1p on bingo tickets on the first day that they register an account. There’s £10 of bonus cash up for grabs four times a day in the Beginner’s Luck room, and if you’re online, you may as well join in and see what you end up with.

Of course, joining a bingo site isn’t all about the freebies. There are plenty of other reasons why bingo draws in so many millions of players. Bingo has always had a sense of community about it. In the old days the bingo hall was a place that drew people together, now it’s the same but the community is online. On any bingo site, there are chat rooms where you can meet fellow players and have a bit of a laugh and a conversation while the games play through. It’s actually easier to chat online than in a land-based bingo hall as the software takes care of marking off the numbers. Players don’t have to actively ‘play’ bingo any more. This leaves them free to chat to others and get involved in side games – such as the quizzes and games run by the chat hosts. Effectively this means that for every penny you put into a bingo game, you get better entertainment value – as you can play at multiple levels at the same time.

And then there’s the main reason we have when we choose to play a game. We want some fun. And that’s exactly what a game of online bingo brings. There’s no way you can influence the outcome of the game, that’s decided by the luck of the draw in whether your card’s numbers match those called out before anyone else’s. So the pressure is off, there’s no need to strategise how to play a game of bingo, you just sit back and relax and see what happens. The only tension you’ll experience playing bingo is when you get really close to winning – and that’s a good kind of tension.

Online bingo is fun, sociable and easy to play as well as offering its players great value – what’s not to love?

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